Thursday, January 10, 2008

TV: Dead Zone and The 4400

I LOVE to watch TV! I should feel guilty that I let the tube rot my brain. I don’t. I even write in the times for the season or series premieres each fall on my calendar so I don’t forget to program the DVR. Luckily, B feels the same way I do. B is the one that introduced me to Ain’t It Cool News and now it’s listed in my favorites. (You should check out Ausiello’s Report under News+Views and TV Editor’s Blogs if you are a TV addict too.)

So B comes to me and says, “Did you hear the news?”
“Um, no. What news?”
“Oh,” Long, long pause. “You better check AICN.”
This dreadful feeling comes over me, very similar to bopping on the freeway, coming around the bend, and seeing cars parked from carpool lane to right hand barrier.

Anthony Michael Hall and Bill CampbellListed in the Coaxial is “Dead Zone Dead; The 4400 86’d!” I felt sucker punched. Man, why do all the fun shows get dumped! For those who don’t consider the TV one of their “bestest” friends, The Dead Zone was a show based on the book by Stephen King and starred Anthony Michael Hall (Don’t you remember Sixteen Candles?) I’ve always wished I could see the future and the past. I have no problem admitting to superpower envy. I guess they were trying to boost ratings when they gave his kid the same abilities even though Hall’s character supposedly got them from an accident and subsequent coma. I’m bummed it didn’t work.

Speaking of superpowers, The 4400 was about abductees, 4400 of them, that returned with superpowers. It made being taken by aliens a pretty good idea. Well, it turns out they weren’t taken by aliens, but us in the future, and the show was getting more complicated and fun. Boom! Gone! I’m doubly bummed.

To placate the masses of cult fans they are playing reruns. That’s like trying to straighten out Britney Spears by threatening to take her kids. They need to close them up with a movie. (No, that won’t help Britney.)

They are always taking away my shows! Don’t even get me started on Veronica Mars! Maybe if I had the power to mind meld with TV producers and networks…

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