Friday, January 4, 2008

Chocolate: M & Ms

Anybody looking back at these posts is going to get a real good laugh. I was so ready to do this, all planned out, and then I got ahead of myself. Searching the sites looking for cute guys made me mess up my plan! Chocolate comes before men! So this is a two for one.

The post that was supposed to come first is one of my great loves: chocolate. I'm going to start with an easy one, M&Ms. I particularly like peanut, but as most of you know they also come in milk chocolate (formerly known as plain), peanut butter, and almond.

Character ExampleIf you go to the M&Ms site there are a lot of fun things to look at. There is a character maker which is fun to mess with when you have some time, there is the section with the customized M&Ms, there are M&M products (non-chocolate), and there is information about the M&Ms Worlds in Las Vegas, Orlando, and NYC. I plan on making a visit to a World next year. Has anyone out there gone to one?

There is a bit about the history, which is interesting too. I remember in 1996 when they had the public vote on the new color. I wanted purple. I was a liiittle bit unhappy when blue won. Just a little. Really.

So M&Ms aren't the best chocolate, I will post more in other Chocolate posts, but M&Ms are fun and easy to get. I can sit with a book and a two pounder and eat the whole bag. I can also feel completely guilt-less when my significant other, B, finds the bag empty. Truly one sign of a chocoholic.

Sorry to screw up so early in my posting career. Next entry is Misc.

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j. said...

Since I discovered the Dark Chocolate M&M's I've got little use for any other flavor, but if I were to rank or were desparate to find said chocolates, I would choose mild chocolate followed by peanut.

And since when is sorting M&M's by color and eating them that way an OCD thing? I always sort, but I eat them in color from least to most, and if two colors have the same number in the set say, 6, I will choose to either eat the color that matches what I'm wearing or the colors in alphebetical order, depending on my mood. So please don't consider yourself too strange!