Sunday, January 13, 2008

Books: Kay Hooper

Book time! I wanted to pick a book for children because I have an affinity for them. Expect me to talk about children’s books soon. Instead I picked one of my favorites for enjoyment. Depending on how you look at it, cool or horrible, I’m a fan of romances. I know, you're thinking horrible.

There is nothing like the fantasy of a very nice looking man finding you attractive enough to pursue. A man who is romantic and thrilling. One who has a sense of humor and is a little mischievous. Chivalrous, but not chauvinistic. Supportive and caring, but not controlling. Great in…ahem.

While I like a good romance, I also like thrillers. Funnily enough, serial killer thrillers float my boat. Now you’re beginning to wonder, eh? Put a romance with a killer thriller and you’ve got a hit with me. There is a wonderful set of authors who were romance novelists who now write thrillers and delightfully combined the two. One such author is Kay Hooper.

I’m writing about Hooper in particular because she adds another of my favorite elements to her stories: the paranormal. In one of her series, she has created a special unit of the FBI that is comprised of people involved in the paranormal. Telekinesis, clairvoyance, telepathy, precognition, psychometry and mediumship are normal for this group of investigators who track down those people that the regular FBI can’t seem to manage. They get inside the killers’ heads, capture them, and then…fall in love!(No, not with the killers.)

All in all, they are a fun read, but like any other set of books you have to like the type. If you aren’t into romance or paranormal these won’t be your cup of tea. If you like what you’ve heard, Hooper has a whole series for you to enjoy – the Bishop/Special Crimes Unit series. There are three completed themes (Shadows, Evil, and Fear) all having to do with the same group of people. Hooper started the fourth theme this past year (Blood). I’ve left the link so you can read them in order (‘Cuz I’m OCD like that!)


j. said...

I didn't find the combination of serial killer and romance the least bit strange. Matter of fact I'm a huge fan of John Sanford novels, the Prey series being my all time favorite.

So you've got me back to the library to read Kay Hooper's novels. In order of course!



PurpleNepenthe said...

And you've got me thinking I need to visit the library and look up John Sanford! I hope you like Hooper and thanks for dropping by!