Monday, November 14, 2011

Chocolate: Purple and Personalization

I went to M&M World recently and had the opportunity to buy purple M&Ms and personalize them. Yippee! I only did half of that though. The cost of personalizing is about $20 for an 8 oz cup. Granted, if you're there you don't have to pay for shipping. It just still seemed like a lot for something you would consume and never see again.

I visited the site and they do even more than I remembered. Instead of just stock images they also put photos on them. One picture shows a girl and her sixteenth birthday M&Ms. I couldn't fathom eating an M&M with someone's face on it. It's like those Cake Wrecks where you're eating a body part. Willies! Anyway, I may go back one day and actually spend the money. In the meantime, I will settle for the Las Vegas mug I purchased.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

TV: A Sad State of Affairs

I haven't been able to read the books I want and now it looks like I can't watch the shows I want. My choice, but still. I have been totally consumed by another project that has kept me from reading and watching TV. The shows I do watch are viewed days after airing. It's a travesty!

It just means I have nothing to blog about. :( I will at least let you know which TV I am watching. Biggest Loser hasn't lost its charm for me, I watch CSI OnDemand, Bones and her pregnancy still keeps me interested, and Fringe still has its hold on me. New to the set of shows is Grimm and Once Upon a Time, which even A and M watch. Lastly, they have suckered me into watching their episodes of My Little Pony - yeah, I know.

We were also watching Person of Interest, but somehow didn't get it recorded and I believe it isn't available OnDemand. I'd like to get back to watching that. I never watched those two scary girly sitcoms- one with Deschanel and the other with the rich girl. Terra Nova never captured me, but I hear from others that they really like it. B is really liking The Walking Dead. I have a hard time with that one. Involuntary shiver.

Well, that sums up TV for now!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Miscellaneous: Snakes

When I was young, about 7th grade, we lived in a house with a hole in the floor near the toilet. Don't ask me why our landlord didn't get it fixed, but it never did. Once while I was doing my business, a snake came up from under the house. It was frightening to say the least. I don't have an affinity for the creatures and that episode never helped. I thought I'd share some snake stories, a couple of which have been in the news recently. :o) Snake Snake Snake

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Men: Rí Rá

The fam and I recently went to Las Vegas. No need to go into why we were there, but we went out to dinner at Rí Rá Irish Pub in the shopping area between Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino and The Luxor. By now you are wondering why I'm going into all this on a "Men" post. The answer lies with the servers. Our server for our meal was a young man named Brian - and he was adorable. Dark hair, dimples, and an accent. The accent comes courtesy of his real Irish roots. He is one of about 20 who are here on a work visa. Let me tell you folks, he wasn't the only cutie. If you happen to be in the area you should stop in to ogle and get some good food - the sweet potato fries were delish.