Monday, January 7, 2008

Miscellaneous: Fizzlebot

My first of the Miscellaneous posts! Sometimes I will find something fun, unique, interesting...oh, forget that! Sometimes I will just have to say something that doesn't fit into the other categories I post about. This is where it will go.

Example Fizzlebot OneWhen I decided to do a blog I went on the great search to find the perfect avatar to put instead of a picture on my profile. I've seen some really cool ones (GIR in his dog suit) and really cute ones (animated cartoon kittens). But if I've seen it out there, then it's taken. Who wants someone else's avatar? So I tried to find character creator to make a cartoon character who looks like me! Okay, so PurpleNepenthe doesn't look human. Who said I was human?

Anyway, I found Fizzlebot which has some really fun looks despite looking simple. I didn't have to register or sign up. A and M, valued family members, also liked making a Fizzlebot to look like them, and the three of us created one for B. He wasn't thrilled, but it was highly entertaining for us :o).

Example Fizzlebot TwoGive it a try, especially if you've never done it. If you know of any other fun character creators that are quick, easy, and fun let me know!

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