Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Chocolate: Dagoba Bar

DagobaHeaven. Someone gave me a Dagoba Bar and I died and went to heaven. Of course, I got kicked out as soon as the bar was gone, but it was great while it lasted. Shortly thereafter I went on a great search for another Dagoba. I have not found them – yet. I started with a web search.

They were easy to find and full of information. They have this whole history part of their website touting the fact that they are organic (read Full Circle Sustainability). I think that’s great! However, it is the taste of this bar that makes me melt. They also have interesting flavors like chai and lime. Although, if I have milk chocolate I’m good. Finally they are gluten free, which was how my friend came to be in the possession of the bars in the first place. I can handle gluten.

What I found most interesting was how they selected their beans. They use a process meant to keep the true taste of chocolate in the forefront. This is where they have earned my hard earned adoration. The website gives a large list of places to buy them and allows you to buy them online. There are a few stores I want to go to so I can find a bar, but I’ve been busy. I have been carrying around the wrapper for nearly 8 months. No kidding. If you are lucky enough to be anywhere near one then give it a try and get me a pass back into heaven.


Anonymous said...

I found these in a Boarder's Books. I tried the milk chocolate last week, but I wasn't impressed. Are the dark chocolate any better?

PurpleNepenthe said...

Really? That's a bummer! It can be expensive, so if you really think the dark would taste better, give it a try. And let me know what you think.

I'll also make sure to stop by Borders soon! :o)