Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Neck MusclesI pulled a muscle in my neck last week. Doing something that I used to do with ease just 5 years ago. My father, wonderful ego booster that he is, said, "Welcome to old age." See my index finger go around in circles while I intone a monotone "Whoopee."

Anyway, I did this on Monday and was in agony by Friday. Saturday morning I had B take me to the doctor. After making me cry while she asked me to perform tasks with my arm, she determined that it wasn't a broken bone and thankfully put me on some drugs. Saturday afternoon I was in heaven. My scalene muscles (my estimates based on diagrams) were no longer making me beg for mercy.

A co-worker suggested I see a chiropractor. One did wonders for a pulled muscle in his leg. I'm not one for change. (See earlier posts.) I like my doctors, and I don't get sick often or have to get medications frequently. But if I end up pulling more muscles doing normal things because my mind is younger than my body :( than I just might consider it.

Regardless, let me give thanks to the makers of Vicodin.


jo said...

Okay...So here's the deal...chiropractor great for keeping spine in line to help prevent some muscle-skeletal injuries, but doesn't really help much after the muscle is already pulled. So going with drugs and ice/heat in combination are usually your best bet.


PurpleNepenthe said...

Thanks for the heads up! With the drugs I really didn't need the cold, but that's what the doctor said. She actually vetoed the heat part. Anyway, tons better now!