Friday, October 24, 2008

Books: Kindle

I know, I know. I honestly couldn't say that I have a readership that would extend beyond the five fingers on my hand, but I know the ones who do expect me to post earlier. I had the hardest time coming up with something until I watched Oprah today.

She was raving about her favorite new gadget, Amazon's Kindle, a digital (book) reader. She was such a saleswoman that I instantly decided that I wanted one for Christmas even knowing that I would receive nothing else ($$$). It can hold potentially thousands of books that you download (and pay for) from Amazon. What did Oprah rave about?

*Best sellers and new releases are normally $9.99.
*Lightweight and easy to carry.
*Downloads include newspapers, magazines, blogs, documents, and music.
*Easy to use.
*Has a lookup feature to find unknown words.
*Amazon saves what you've downloaded and should you accidentally delete a book or lose the Kindle :O you can recover all that you lost free of charge.

It didn't take much to sell me. However, as with all "techish" stuff, I asked B who asked me if I'd looked into Sony's reader. Of course not, but I did take a quick look at their site after he asked. It just doesn't have the charisma of an Oprah endorsed product. I would like your opinions though. Maybe my readership is larger than I thought and someone could give me some insight.

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jo said...

Okay. I've heard nothing about either product until now, but I did go and look at it. First off, the I liked the Kindle's commercial. I didn't have to read about all the features, although I did afterword. There are two things that make it stand out more than the Sony reader. One there is access to books, magazines, newspapers, blogs and documents, where the Sony seemed to only offer books. And two, for only offering books, Sony didn't seem to have as large of selection of books available.
If you get one, I'd be interested in a personal review of the product. It really sounds cool.