Thursday, October 30, 2008

Men: Honorable Mentions 2

Antonio Sabato Jr.Name: Antonio Sabato Jr.
Best Known For: Actor, General Hospital
Year of Birth: 1972
Status: Single?
Height: 6'1"
Fun Fact: Has a tattoo on his lower back

That is a tattoo I would very much like to see :D I loved him in General Hospital. He had a soft, husky voice and played a guy that always sounded unsure of himself. Makes you get all protective. I was so bummed when I found out he was with Madsen who is 10 years his senior. Back to the positive, I like that he doesn't drink or smoke. Dimples, dimples, dimples.

Jerry O'ConnellName: Jerry O'Connell (Jeremiah O'Connell)
Best Known For: Actor, Crossing Jordan
Year of Birth: 1974
Status: Married (Rebecca Romijn)
Height: 6'2"
Fun Fact: Was in a Mariah Carey video

I thought he was too cute back when he was in Sliders and couldn't get over the fact that this was the same little rotund boy from Stand By Me. His eyes are a pretty blue and his hair looks best when it's spiky. He is currently expecting twins with Romijn.

DCI Lister: Leonardo DiCaprio

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