Saturday, November 1, 2008


I really am celebrating! I've stayed on my diet and lost 12 pounds! Okay, do a little dance and celebrate with me. My jeans are loose, and I need new belts. I haven't seen my MIL in three weeks and she noticed the weight loss. I had a little CAKEplateau the last three days, but this morning the scale reflected another pound and a half. I'm not ready to count that yet.

I will also be starting the last year of the rest of my life. Don't laugh. I've decided that I will be my current age forever. I may be old, wrinkled, and deaf, but I'll still be the same age I turn this month. No, I don't have any special plans, but I will consider casting my vote and getting the result I want to be the best present ever. Birthday Freebies here.

Get out there and vote!

BTW, don't get confused when I move the posts where they belong - I'm too anal to leave them on the wrong days ;o)

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jo said...

Congrats on your pants being too big. And Happy Birthday! I had my last birthday in Feb. So this Feb, instead of turning something with a 0, I will instead celebrate that 9 over again. I had no problem with starting the last year of the rest of your life, I completely understood!