Friday, November 14, 2008

Men: Grant Bowler

Grant BowlerName: Grant Bowler
Best Known For: TV Shows, The Mole, Outrageous Fortune & Ugly Betty
Year of Birth: 1968
Status: Married (Roxane Wilson)
Height: 6'1"
Fun Fact: ???

I've got nothing fun or interesting on Grant from his more personal life. He and his wife have two children and he was born in New Zealand. I first noticed him on Ugly Betty, but he has apparently been around much longer. I looked at pictures of him on Google and noticed that he looks better now, with short cropped hair and the beard/mustache thing he has going on.

My heart did little flutters when Vanessa Williams had her little daydream about him on November 6th episode. There is a whole plot line involving him on the show - I can't wait!

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