Sunday, November 2, 2008

Miscellaneous: Eerie Elegance

I attended a Halloween party this past weekend at the home of a college friend who is organized like me, but also extremely talented.

Picture this: You arrive at her house for Halloween (mind you this is not some big mansion) to see the front yard cemetary of "real"size tombstones and waves of fog rolling over your feet. When you enter there are eyeball and spider pillows on her sofas, and the windows are adorned with giant cat's eyes and spider web sheers. On the table in her kitchen there are vials and beakers of all sizes labeled with various poisons. There is also a brain and a heart that bleeds when it's cut. In the next room is a witch holding a cauldron of something that looks suspiciously like dishwater - and you're expected to drink it from glasses with skeleton hands for flutes.

I think you get the picture, but if you don't you can buy her book. My friend, Britta Peterson, has written Eerie Elegance so that everyone can create a Halloween with style. If you had trouble with the earlier visualization, visit the site to see pictures of her creations. She has a link to her personal site where you'll find that Halloween is not her only area of expertise. It's a shame that you can't get her friends with the book too. They were quite creative with their costumes. (One was dressed as Under the Weather.) If I didn't know who Britta hangs out with I might suspect that she's rubbed off on them over the years.

One last thing, Britta (whose name is pronounced Bree ta) received a call from Oprah's team about a possible appearance, likely by Skype, on Friday. The appearance has not been confirmed, but I will post an update if it happens. See update below... In the meantime, buy the book if you dare and try out a couple of the recipes at a party you are invited to. Start small and you'll be haunting happily in no time!

UPDATE: Britta tells me Oprah's show is too full for Friday, but that they have her on their radar and may contact her again next year. I hope so! BTW I was so excited I posted out of order (I'll fix that next week...)

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jo said...

This is too cool! i'm going to pass this link of to my SIL who is hosting a big party on Friday...she'll love it!