Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Chocolate: Ferrero Rondnoir

Someone gave me two packages of Ferrero chocolates as a gift recently. The first package was the traditional hazelnut Rocher. Like I said in a previous post, sometimes the hazelnut is okay, but I prefer just chocolate. So after eating a couple, I handed the package to B.

Ferrero RondnoirThe second package was Rondnoir*, dark chocolates, no hazelnut. Ferrero is known for the gold wrapper, the bumpy coating, and wafer in the center. The Rondnoir does not have a gold wrapper, but a dark brown. It has a bumpy coating of small chocolate bits and the wafer surrounds more dark chocolate. While I wasn't completely impressed by the chocolate - no big "Wow" - I devoured the package. The wafer was so light it was almost as if I hadn't eaten any chocolate and needed more.

Over at Candy Addict there was a review of some prestige collection that included Rocher, Garden Coco, and Rondnoir. The reviewer, Jamie, said this:

The Bronze Medal is awarded to the Ferrero Rondnoir, which, while tasty, is the weakest Ferrero of the Prestige collection. The Rondnoir is constructed like any other Ferrero, with a gooey center, a wafer shell, and a nice crunchy coating. In the Rondnoir’s case, the center is a “black pearl” of dark chocolate - and a lovely pearl at that. The chocolate is rich and bitter and has the snap of a good dark chocolate.

Rondnoir’s outer coating is also made of dark chocolate, with crunchy bits to give the candy texture. It is a dark chocolate lover’s dream. However, the Rondnoir loses a few points for textural reasons. Like the Garden Coco, the Rondnoir doesn’t seem to have enough of a crunch at the center.

Because the crunch wasn't what I was looking for, it gets a higher rating from me, but not quite the top because of the "empty" factor. I'd have to eat a hundred to feel satisfied...hmmm, eating a hundred doesn't sound so bad.

*Click on Rondnoir.

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