Saturday, October 18, 2008

Miscellaneous: Yahoo! Answers

I know. It's bad. It's evil. It's a spiral down to the depths of...Well you get the picture. Unfortunately, it's also very addicting. It's Yahoo! Answers.

People post questions and wait for others to come and answer them. You get points for answering, points for being selected as the best answer, and points for helping to choose a best answer. Just like any other forum, the more points you get, the higher you rise on the Answers food chain.

I like it because it is a way to help others in an area that I'm familiar with. The questions are sorted and people post under the category that best fits their questions (most of the time). So when there is a post about books or television, I'm there.

Examples of questions I find hard to resist:
What is that music from the Fifth element hotel scene hawaiian or tahitian, also what is the name of the song?
Numbers such as second, third, forth, etc are called...?
I can't remember the name of this book?

Drawbacks include:
People posting a question that can easily be found by typing it into Google. I mean how lazy are you?
People putting random thumbs down on people during the initial ratings process. You truly have nothing better to do?
People asking really stupid questions. Your teacher said there aren't any, but he/she lied.
Oh, and can I add that people can't spell worth beans?

Am I cute?
Tomorrow is Columbus Day. and i go to the middle school it sounds stupid...but i need to know if we go to school or not.
How does delectable mean?

It is a serious time waster, but highly addictive.

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