Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Men: "Chuck Bartowski"

Geek/Nerd: Chuck Bartowski
Show/Movie: Chuck
Actor Name: Zachary Levi (Zachary Levi Pugh)
Year of Birth: 1980
Status: Single
Height: 6'4"
Fun Fact: Wish I had one...best I could come up with is his skateboarding and snowboarding in his spare time.

I'm admitting now that even though the big, hunky types make me drool, it's the nerdy/geeky types I tend to fall in love with. Chuck is one of those types. He has this endearing quality about him even with all of his quirks, stuttering, and cross-eyed visions. The shaggy hair, ties, pocket protector, and Converse put him well within the geek category. I love that he is smart, but down to earth and caring.

Levi is another story. I had never heard of him before the show, not realizing that he had been in other parts, like See Jane Run, a movie with Charisma Carpenter. In my quest to add some cute nerdy types to my blog, I did some searching on Levi and found that without the geek-wear he was very, very cute. Then I felt guilty about adding him here thinking he should just plain be in with the hunks.


sixthirtythree said...

Are both those photos of Chuck him?
OMG! He looks totally goofy in the upper left hand corner and abosolutely gorgeous in the lower right hand corner. Wow!

PurpleNepenthe said...

I know, right?