Sunday, January 4, 2009

TV: Cliffhangers


Just in case you just skipped over it...SPOILERS!
If you're one of those people who save up all the seasons or live somewhere that airs shows later...SPOILERS!

January is the time when we find out what happens after the midseason cliffhangers. Let's review the status of my favorite shows.

Chuck - Chuck watched Agent Walker kill an enemy Fulcrum agent in cold blood. Granted the enemy was bragging about how his fellow bad guys would stop at nothing to get out and how he would tell everyone that Chuck was the Intersect. But Chuck didn't see that. Even if he did, can he ever trust Sarah again?

Heroes - We have to groan loudly at what will be coming as Nathan has all the people with powers locked up. He will have to hide his own power to do so. I thought it was interesting that flashbacks from a previous season had him hiding his powers as president. So doesn't that mean what we saw before will still happen? That everything we've been watching for the last year was leading us toward the horror instead of away?

Ugly Betty - Wilhelmina is up to no good again, but so is Daniel. Who does he think he is going after Connor's fiancee? Not that said fiancee isn't contributing. I've heard that Connor's got a few things up his sleeve for the season which are sure to come sliding out when he finds out what's going on. Unless, he does the same with Wilhelmina. Either way she's going to have way too much fun torturing everyone. Does it feel like Christina's been pregnant forever? So this is why they speed these things up.

Supernatural - The Dean tears had me in shock...more than what he said that caused them. Anyway, getting the angels to face off against the demons was a good idea, but too reasonable. Do the angels really still need Dean? How is he supposed to stop the other seals from breaking? Will that be the next season ender? Lucifer rising from the depths?

House - Just about upped my dinner when I saw Foreman and Thirteen making out. What the heck? The two of them together so don't mesh. I could see Foreman with Cameron before Thirteen. Did I miss an episode where Foreman and Thirteen bonded? I mean, besides this one? Tell me I was too distracted by House and Cuddy, which is another ick. [shiver] Moving on, I'm glad Cuddy got her baby and satisfied that not all of House's patients live. I have to say that the scene with the inhaler was belly rolling.

Looking forward...the last time we had:
Lost - Jack is desperate to get back to the island that moved. Everyone who was rescued is hiding secrets (But isn't that normal?). We have no idea what happened to everyone else on the island. I really didn't like that Jin had to die. Just watching the flash forwards of Sun having the baby without him were heartbreaking. We've been prepared to understand that the survivors need to go back to the island, but I don't even know how to explain Ben and dead Locke.

Medium - The show now has a February premiere date (grrr). Joe gains the upper hand on his cryptic business partner. I love the job offer he got and the weird Joe premonitions. Having Devalos back in the right seat made the episode seem very safe. I really can't wait to see it return.

Though no cliffhangers, I can't wait to see American Idol and Biggest Loser, the only two reality shows I watch. I'm so glad Michelle won!

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