Saturday, January 10, 2009

Chocolate: Lindt Classic Recipes Milk Chocolate

I'm ruined! I tried the Lindt Milk Chocolate bar recently and was stunned, no, devasted, when I tasted it.

Wait, let me go back. I love milk chocolate. I could dive into a (quality) milk chocolate bar any time, any place and love it. I would immediately hand any dark chocolate over to B knowing I wouldn't enjoy it as much. Anyone who knows us is aware of a little inside joke involving our chocolate preferences. Lately though I've been getting into dark chocolate so I could eat it and get some of those wonderful benefits so widely touted on the news. This is evidenced by my last several chocolate posts.

So when I purchased my Lindt Milk, I was just waiting to jump in with every taste bud. Just like old times. Imagine my shock when I found it too sweet! The world should be coming to a complete, grinding halt. Chocolate is never too sweet. Yes, the bar had a good snap, was creamy and melty, and had a good chocolate taste, but...[sob]

Never fear! Once I overcome my shock, I'll be on a mission to regain my milk chocolate love. Please send milk chocolate my way!


jo said...

I completely understand the reason that milk chocolate is suddenly too sweet after a dark chocolate binge of sorts. I too have that same feeling after eating dark chocolate for the majority of the time. Right now I'm enjoying some intense dark flavored premium chocolates by Ghirardelli. The mint bliss and espresso escape each have 60% cacao and the twilight delight 72%. I made sure I gave the taste testers in the house the 72% to ensure they wouldn't like them.(I'm sneaky that way) One square has only 60 calories and I can enjoy it broken into 4 pieces that melt into my mouth perfectly. The hint of espresso is actually my favorite because it compliments the dark chocolates earthy flavor nicely. I'm not sure where they were purchased from because they were a Christmas gift from my mom with a gift card to TJMaxx inside.
To combat the sweetness of the milk chocolate try going with something that you expect to be sweet like caramel in the chocolate before just having milk chocolate alone.


PurpleNepenthe said...

I love Mint Bliss!