Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Books: Lisa Jackson

There's this acquaintance I know who loves to read as much as I do, but she's got a small place and can't keep all the books she's collected. So what does she do? She gives them to me! Can you hear the glee?

Anyway, she's given me a few books by Lisa Jackson. Two books feature some serial/crazed killer and a romance - the kind of stuff I like to read. The first was Hot Blooded, which is listed as her first book in the New Orleans series. I enjoyed it, but it didn't hit me with an "Oooh, that was awesome!" feel. The second I finished right before Christmas called Absolute Fear. I really liked this one because of all the red herrings and twists, but end of the book killed me. Oh yes, the mystery was solved and the lovers were saved. Then Jackson threw in a twist with some ominous premonition about a somewhat secondary character at the very end - literally the last sentence.

I decided to look into her books and she's rather prolific, however the reviews haven't been great on all the books in the series. Shiver, the book before Fear, was the original. Fear was a duller copy, and the book after Fear was slammed as being too formulaic, long, and boring. Lost Souls features one of the secondary characters from the other books. Jackson apparently puts a heroine in love with the hero who might also be the killer in all of these books along with a sexually depraved serial killer, and there's no variation.

I know she isn't quite like that with all of her books. The third read (which was my first Lisa Jackson) was a rewrite of Treasures (1994) called See How She Dies. It does contain the romance and killer, but there is some weirdness in the relationship and the killer isn't trying so hard to bed the heroine. No matter how bland and repetitive the books may be I like the challenge of figuring out who did it. If Jackson can keep me guessing then I'm in.

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