Saturday, January 31, 2009

Miscellaneous: Hawaii Part One

It will take a while before I get this holiday out of my system. We went on a cruise to the Hawaiian Islands. Okay, I'm accepting the virtual jealousy. Anyway, I love sun and winter gets me down. We'd been planning this trip for two years and had so much fun just relaxing that we're contemplating another trip in 2010. I don't like to travel especially by plane (not fear of flying, but stress). So I was excited about cruising. We visited Hilo (Hawai'i), Honolulu (Oahu), Kaua'i, Maui, and Ensenada (Mexico).

This post is mostly about the cruise ship. It was huge, the Golden Princess, with 2,600 passengers, but it was really funny how we seemed to run into the same people. I guess certain people stick out at you. I heard the big ships are best for helping with seasickness. We did get sick the first day, but were great after that. The sea was really choppy on the way in and people were pitching back and forth as they walked the halls.

There were six of us. B, A, and M, along with B's parents were with me. The ILs stayed in the room next to ours. A and M loved sleeping on the drop down beds above us. I tell you it was great having our beds made for us every day. We went with an obstructed view. It was really great being able to see outside and get natural light in the room. Although it would have been cool to say we had a balcony, I'm glad we didn't. There were some cold and windy days on the water. However, a little fresh air in the rooms would have been nice (Let's not get into that).

I was thrilled about the library. I brought my Kindle, but I did check one book out to read. If you ever take a cruise and read like me, get down there on the first day. It has a lot of recent releases which disappear and don't return until the last day of the cruise. They also had daily puzzles and a daily Sudoku. There were always events to keep you busy and plenty of movies. My ILs loved seeing the shows with dancing and singing. I liked the magician, comedians, and the hypnotist shows - they were funny. You can see the different levels of the ship here.

One thing that was great about cruising was what you could bring with you. It isn't like a plane (we drove to port) where you are restricted. If I can't drive to port on our next cruise I don't know what I'll do. Nearly all the food is free, but you have to pay for soda and bottled water. Being able to bring your own is important.

The level of cleanliness outside the rooms was incredible. You had to squirt your hands before every meal, buffet or dining, and before and after using the computers in the Internet Cafe. You had to wipe down the exercise equipment with wipes after use. It is amazing that anyone would get sick while on a cruise with all that.

I'm sure I'll think of something else to add, but that's it for now. Next post will be about the islands.

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jo said...

I'm so jealous! We are often fogged in here, but can go above the fog by riding the gondola to the top of the ski runs on Big Mountain. My B keeps telling me he had enough of "cruising" while in the Navy, but I think this would be an entirely different type of cruising. We've watched many a cruising travel show on the travel channel and I've almost got him to say that the Disney Cruise looks I might get him on a cruise ship before too long. I just want to go to a warm climate once during each winter and was glad we got to get to CA this Christmas because at 40-50 degrees it was a definite improvement over -21.
Glad you had such a nice time and your description makes me want to go too.