Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Men: Honorable Mentions 3

Sorry, they're both married. Still nice to look at :)

Josh DuhamelName: Josh Duhamel (Joshua David Duhamel)
Best Known For: Actor, TV Las Vegas, All My Children, Movies Transformers
Year of Birth: 1972
Status: Married (Stacy Ferguson, Fergie)
Height: 6'3"
Fun Fact: Played football and was going to go to dental school

I've had him on my stand by list for a while. He was very nice looking in Transformers. I find it very interesting that he's married to Fergie. They seem so different in their public lives, but they dated for 5 years before marrying so there must be something there. Anyway, he's fairly cute, his height is heavenly, and my eyes like treats.

Matthew FoxName: Matthew Fox (Matthew Chandler Fox)
Best Known For: Actor, Wings, Party of Five, Lost
Year of Birth: 1966
Status: Married(Margherita Ronchi)
Height: 6'2"
Fun Fact: Played football and was going to become a stockbroker

I like watching him in Lost, much better than my chance snippets from Party of Five. There is this whole thing in Wikipedia about a winning Columbia game over Princeton that is supposed to be really important. I'm more interested in his looks ;) There are some really good pictures of him out there and some not so good. I was disappointed to read about his chewing tobacco and smoking habits from a young age, but I guess everyone has their faults. There's info out there that he's stopped smoking - fingers crossed.

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