Monday, September 1, 2008


I did not meet any goals I had of losing weight this summer. :o(

Unfortunately, being fit and healthy (is that redundant?), is no longer optional. I must lose weight and change my diet. So far I've changed all of my grains to whole grain, not just bread. I even made B buy whole grain tortillas for dinner last week.

I've begun the habit of going out to shop every weekend (funny, no one calculates gas money into a healthy diet) so I can get fresh fruits and veggies. I didn't usually buy them because if I wasn't in the mood to eat them they would go bad. The last thing I want to do is throw money away.

I've also settled into my soymilk. Very Vanilla is tasty. I can drink a glass without gagging (like with milk) and it tastes great in banana and strawberry smoothies. A has started stealing some for her cereal in the morning so sometimes I'm surprised with a nearly empty carton.

My last and hardest change has to do with exercise. I didn't get very far this summer. The last time I exercised regularly was with friends. I know that if someone else is counting on me to be somewhere, I will be there. This will be very hard if no one else is there to push me. Don't get me wrong, my BMI is 26. I'm not trying to lose half of myself. But over the next month I'll be trying to figure out how to get that little bit done. Wish me luck!

A special thanks to my friends J and B who came to "visit!"

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j. said...

I'll report that I hit my goal weight, but I don't recommend having 4 teeth removed to help the process along.
My mom, on the other hand, worked on an eating plan I recommended for her, but might be difficult with your work schedule. It's to eat/drink 2-3 oz of protein or 8 oz of water/protein shake or smoothie each hour. Alternating, starting with 8 oz of warm tea. In 10 days she dropped 6 lbs.
Exercise is hard. If it wasn't for the 1/4 mile walk to the mail box and bus stop I might miss out on exercise too....the physical therapy helps too.
Soy milk...YUM! One of my new additions to my diet, as well as S's. We read where milk can have an adverse affect on acne so S is drinking soy milk in her cereal and by the glass to help with her acne. Milk and I just don't agree so for me Soy is a way for me to have whole grain cereal if I want it. Also it's taste in chocolate protein shakes. We buy the case of vanilla soy in 1 qt containers at Costco for about $12. Since it's got a year long shelf life I'm never worried about it going bad and I know when the carton is about empty I have more. I buy more when I put the last two in the fridge.
Don't beat yourself up, small changes add up and over time you'll get in all the changes you want to make. My BMI is also 26, but since it was once 47, I don't worry that I'm still considered overweight...I don't have high blood pressure or diabetes anymore.