Saturday, September 27, 2008

Chocolate: Whole Grain Chocolatey-Filled Cereal Bites

NutellaLeave it to me. Send me off to buy foods that are healthy and fit into my 1,800 calorie a day diet, and I will find something with chocolate.

A long time ago, when I bought Short & Sweet, I was exposed to Nutella for the first time. The recipe in the book was for Chocolate Hazelnut Mousse. It was tasty, but had a slight oily texture to it because of the oil in the Nutella. That didn't stop me. I became addicted. Spreading it on mountains of graham crackers was like heaven.

Then one day I overdosed. I haven't had a hankering for Nutella in ages.

Chocolate SquaresCue my low fat diet. I found Trader Joe's Whole Grain Chocolatey-Filled Cereal Bites. They are whole grain chocolate flavored squares filled with chocolate. Chocolate that tastes like Nutella. It is almost sinful when I sit down for breakfast. My lonely Kashi GOLEAN Crunch! sits on the shelf while I stuff my face with chocolate. I can't eat it often because it does have palm oil in it which is a no-no. But a break now and then can't be all bad.


jo said...

Oh, how I wish we had a traders joes in MT...but alas, I'm lost without it in a sea of small health food stores that don't have nearly the number of cool products that joes has.


PurpleNepenthe said...

Trader Joe's is somewhat new to me. So I'm still exploring. Do you remember any of your favorite things to buy?

jo said...

I still have my mom ship me vitamin B12 from there, and while I'm there they have some great licorice that I usually bring home, but most of what I liked where the fresh local organic products. Each store has some things that you can only get in the "local" market. Meats, wines..etc. I also liked some of the veggie products. It was one of the only places I could find tofu meats that looked and tasted like meat, meat...even my husband couldn't figure out I was going veggie on him. His favorite was something I called 4x4 chili. There were 4 different beans and 4 different "meats" in it. I had him and his brother eating bite after bite one sunday guessing all the "meats" I used. LOL! Still have no clue and now I can't find a place here in MT that has the variety of "meats" and when I make the recipe with real beef, chicken, turkey and venison or buffalo or elk or antelope(things easy to get in MT)although tasty, not quite the same as before.
Be open to trying different foods and every few weeks try something new. Not sure how to cook it, search the internet or read the package...most have recipes on the label. Good luck and happy trader joes shopping! Lucky you!