Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Books: Emergency!

At some point I thought I was going to be a doctor. You know, way back when. I love life sciences. So it would come as no surprise that I love watching those operation shows and Trauma, Life in the ER on the TLC. There was this one episode on the other day with a man who fell from a roof and was impaled on a tree branch.

If you can't handle this stuff...STOP READING NOW!

Just is case your eyes catch the first line I'll tell you that the guy was a new father of twins. Okay, the branch went in his bottom and came out just under his rib cage. And it missed his major organs. How lucky can you get? The doctors were mostly worried about infection from the wood splinters.

That brings me to the "Books" part of my post. I found this book and had to have it. Emergency: True Stories from the Nation's ERs. The stories are so interesting. They will make you sad (I hated reading those) and make you laugh. Some will make your jaw drop. Some will make you cringe.

Of course there's the story about the young woman who is having a baby but has never gone further than a kiss. And there's one about making sure your ducks are in a row...the book says "wear clean underwear." There are the stories when you start to wonder if there are aliens on earth trying to figure things out about humans because there really can't be anyone that ignorant.

If you don't decide to get the book (which is highly likely), but might want to read a story or two, parts of the book are available for viewing with Google Books. But to entice you there are two more tree stories. :D

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