Thursday, September 18, 2008

Miscellaneous: Cake Wrecks

Blogs of Note strikes again! Apparently this blog is popular as it has garnered the attention of B, and he's hard to please when it comes to things I find funny. The blog is hilarious...and sad.

Let's start with hilarious. Cake Wrecks shows cakes that have crashed and burned. One example is a very realistic looking cake of a baby wrapped in a blanket. It just looks too darned's creepy. Another is someone's warped interpretation of a camouflage cake. Yet another is a wedding cake gone wrong - so wrong that the blogger says the bride sued. Hopefully she got money for pain and suffering. I've included the comparison photos here.

The sad part is the inability of the cake decorators to read or even question what they write on cakes. If you weren't worried about the school system before...
You know the cake should have five colorful rings. Did you notice that Olympics was spelled Olynpics? Granted, the directions for the cake people likely included areas for color selection or "put exact words on these lines" and then you might have to blame the cake orderers. Really, though. Sad.

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