Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Miscellaneous: People I Used To Know

This is a strange post for me because I think it fits much better under "Me" posts than "Miscellaneous." Have you ever searched on the Internet for people you used to know? Did you attend any high school reunions? Have you joined hoping to reconnect? Do you have Facebook or MySpace?

I've found several people just by searching the Net. One woman I found was part of a group that tortured me in junior high/middle school. We were friends at first and then she turned on me. She was pretty easy to find through a combination of Classmates and her attendance in a university class that published online. I found the state she lived in, that she had a daughter, and that she wasn't married, all by what I found out online. With that info I got her email.

Okay, I know you are all thinking I'm a stalker. Really I just wanted to see if she would be willing to be friends again. I was so excited when she responded by email and especially when she apologized for her behavior back then. Of course I mentioned her daughter. She flipped out and stopped contact. From what I learned she was afraid of someone finding her. Strange behavior that...putting your life online and not expecting someone to find you. Even now, I know that she is happily married, and I know what she does for a living. I'm glad she's happy.

A little bit of warning here...don't publish too much personal info online. That is one of the reasons I keep my name off my blog. My friends know who I am and I don't need to make a living off my blog like dooce or others. If someone were trying to find me there are other avenues.

Another friend I found was just through email. He didn't post any information online that would give away his personal life. I used a little bit of info from Classmates and made an educated guess. It was great emailing him! He remembered even more about our childhood antics than I did. He hadn't fulfilled all of his goals in life, but was working things out. I was thrilled to make contact! A much happier outcome than that other gal.

Anyway, I found another person, one I have always been on good terms with. I've known her since I was a babe. I have this great picture of the two of us at my third birthday party. Well, she's pretty well known in her circles. Not movie star famous, but known. I've always wished we were able to spend more time together. The last time I saw her was probably more than ten years ago.

I sent her an email and she wrote back! I'm excited that we will be able to get to know each other again.

In my line of work I meet a lot of people. I see them everywhere, at the store, in the mall, at the park, at the repair shop, in restaurants, etc. For some of them I am very curious about their lives now. Did they accomplish the goals they set out to? Are they the successes they wanted to be? How have they changed?

Who have you looked for?

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