Friday, September 12, 2008

Chocolate: Semi-sweet Battle

Scharffen Berger Semi-Sweet 60%

I had two squares of Scharffen Berger SemiSweet Dark Chocolate 60% Cacao. It was like eating giant chocolate chips. It was sweet to start, then a little tangy - what I usually term fruity, and finally slightly woody. The woody is the bitter part of the dark only it wasn't overpowering like the other, darker chocolates. The three parts seemed to mesh quickly. Second opinion.*

Chuao Choroni 61%

I had a few squares of this, one of B's purchases. This one was sweeter than the Scharffen Berger, but when I first put it in my mouth there was a chalky feel. It melted nice and kept the sweet all the way through. It also had a fruity taste, but it wasn't tangy, just sweet. It ended in the woody taste that fits with dark chocolate. I like the sweet enough that I'd get more if it were an option. Second opinion.

I really liked the sweet Chuao. It felt like a little sugar rush. It is also a single origin bar, which means the beans came from one place. Scharffen Berger is just closer to what I'd want in a chocolate chip and therefore is my preferred choice. I'd actually make a trip somewhere to buy it if I craved it.

*Review speaks of 62% bar, but mine was definitely 60%.

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