Tuesday, July 1, 2008


The house is a disaster area. I can't stand it. There was bound to be a showdown sooner or later. One of my goals before the end of June was to clean the house. I mean take everything out, hose it down, and put it back together again..."better than it was before. Better, faster, stronger." Can you hear the bionics effects?

Kidding. Seriously though, I'd like to enjoy the clean house for a short time. Especially before the rush of life in the fall brings the first signs of bionic rejection. Sad thing is I had so many plans and now I'm so overwhelmed I don't know where to begin. And it's July already. Wish me luck.

Weight update...Plus half a pound - ugh!
Book Update...Starting June 12th, 21 books read = 7017 pages


j. said...

holy cow...7017 pages, and I thought I was doing good at 7 books read.
You can do it...the weight loss and the cleaning. For the cleaning start with making a list of everything you'd do if you had unlimited amount of time. Then cirlce or star the things that are most important to you. Start there first. If you get beyond that great, if you don't ask for a "spring cleaning" gift cert. for Christmas or your Birthday from your folks.
On the weightloss front, are you keeping a food journal and an exercise log? Websites to try, my favorite is fitday.com or Self.com, self.com has the self challenge with work out and meal plan suggestions and an online community of support...fitday has an easier interface for searching and tracking food choices. both sites allow you to set goals and track exercise calories burned and of course your weightloss.
Good luck!

PurpleNepenthe said...

Thanks for the tips and encouragement! My first goals for the cleaning are to get the right furniture for my space and get rid of the stuff/clutter by having a "Take it, it's free" sale. I received a gift certificate from the parental units from The Container Store that I plan to use on the "incoming mail station." The sale going on at Ikea should help with the furniture.

For weightloss I have to be honest and say I should be doing more, but right now I do stomach crunches in the morning. The heat here has made it hard on my other goal - walking a mile a day. But if I really want it I have to work hard.

Email me and keep me honest ;o)