Friday, July 11, 2008


I don't quite know how I ended up reading my first book by Tess Gerritsen. Something tells me I've read another one of her books a long time ago and have since forgotten it. I also didn't know that she used to write romance, but after three of her books I might have begun to suspect it.

Tess GerritsenThe series I'm reading involves a very headstrong female detective named Jane Rizzoli and a very efficient medical examiner named Dr. Maura Isles. There are six books to date:

The Surgeon*
The Apprentice*
The Sinner
Body Double*
The Mephisto Club
*I've read

All of them have received 4 or better stars out of 5 from readers at Amazon. I love the way she describes the scenes and emotions of her characters. The grizzly murders scenes, the autopsies, and the character's reactions seem so real you feel like you're there. Because this is a series you learn more about each character and understand them better with each new book. I think sometimes the action completely obliterates her deep descriptions the closer you get to the end. I say think because by that time I'm reading so fast I may be missing it. And it's just as well, I don't want to waste time when the climax of the book arrives.

I recommend reading The Surgeon. Then if you enjoy it, you'll no doubt like the rest. She has a seventh book coming out called The Keepsake that she announced on her Blog. She also has a set of medical thrillers that are not connected (as far as I know) and may be worth checking out.

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Book Update...Starting June 12, 30 books read = 9,886 pages
I don't think I'll meet my goal, folks :o(

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