Monday, July 14, 2008

Chocolate: Fudge

In my teen years nothing was greater after school than making Fantasy Fudge. The first reason was because, well, it's CHOCOLATE! The second reason was because I enjoy eating marshmallow creme directly from the jar.

My only chocolate for the last couple of weeks has been Ghirardelli milk chocolate chips and Mother's double fudge cookies. But in early June someone gave me a plastic sandwich baggie filled with squares of fudgy goodness. It brought back memories.

The last time I made fudge something went wrong and I was so disappointed that I haven't attempted to make them in over a year. With my trying to lose extra pounds I didn't think now was the time to try again so I'm sharing the recipe with you! I know, I'm evil...enjoy!

Kraft's Fantasy Fudge Recipe

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