Sunday, June 8, 2008

TV: Lost

Let's start with, What is Lost? It is an award winning drama aired on ABC. The series centers around a group of survivors from a commercial airline flight that crashes on an tropical island. The characters' histories and futures are reviewed through flashbacks and flashforwards while the present is viewed with bated breath. And things just aren't as simple as that. The island itself has its own mysteries. There are enough twists and turns, ups and downs to make riding on a roller coaster seem tame. But, man, what a rush!

A rundown on the concept of the show can be found at Wikipedia. It is a good read, turning up interesting info such as the show's originator getting fired by Disney (ABC's parent company) for approving the show given its expense (between $10 -14 million.) There is also such a large cult following that there is a Lostpedia. However, just reading the character bios in Wiki was eye opening.

Some of the Lost CastOne of the coolest (and apparently most expensive) parts of the show is the huge and varying cast. There is a lot more interaction and action with all the people and you never know who might die. The show will often start a season with a recap episode that is a must see for anyone who is thinking of watching the show for the first time. Buying the first season on DVD is also an option. I also frequent a spoiler site when I can't stand the wait.

All this build up has lead me to the season ender. Um, woah. We have been seeing flashes to the future and it all came to a head. I've always thought that when the two caught up with each other that the future would change. Something would be different that would make everything we had seen flashes of become moot. But it really happened. So now what? Will they even start the new season where they left off?

I've also heard that we don't find out about the real mysteries of the island until the end of the show. There is so much speculation, some of which has been denied by the show's big wigs. If the island has some more elements of the supernatural, what does it have to tell us?

I want summer to last a long time. As much as I'd hate for September to come soon, I really wish it would come sooner.

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