Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Men: Drew Fuller

Drew Fuller
Note photo credit
Name: Drew Fuller (Andrew Alan Fuller)
Best Known For: TV Show Charmed
Year of Birth: 1980
Status: Single
Height: 6’1”
Fun Fact: Does not consider himself a hottie

I first saw Drew on Charmed, and I was charmed (heh), but not until later. I thought the show was so packed with fun and enjoyment. I liked watching the sisters overcome the strangest and seemingly impossible feats no matter how ridiculous, and I loved them for it. When Drew’s character Chris came on the scene I believed he was a bad guy. I really didn’t look at him as anything but the enemy until later in the show.

That said, he is a hottie. He plays piano (sweet) and likes sushi (blech). Still a hottie.

Photo: Bryan Scott Brunick, image cropped

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