Monday, June 23, 2008

TV: Design Star

Okay, I must not be a really good designer. HGTV is one of my favorite places to direct the remote. Besides a bunch of other shows, I enjoy Design Star. This is the third year that HGTV has selected a group of people who want do be designers and make them jump through hoops to get their own show.

Those hoops include designing their living space, designing a fake space with supplies from places like the Dollar Store, and designing actual homes of people in need of a spruced up place. When all is said and done, I always have my favorites.

In Season One I liked Temple, Vanessa, and David (who churned out awesome rooms and was ultimately the winner.) In Season Two I favored Will, Robb, and Todd. Later Kim really grew on me and she won. Todd's designs all seemed to have a surfer theme and, sorry, Robb was beyond arrogant. (BTW, the links lead to video and before/after pics.)

So this season, I can't wait until the individual room episode. That's usually when I see the style of each designer. But the episode in which they design their space just aired and I really liked the colors of Jerome's room. Guess who got the boot? Again, I say I must not be a good designer. I had to agree, though, that the room appeared rather sparse and not well laid out. I still think someone else should have gone first.

HGTV fan? Check out Design Star.


David Dust said...

I think they kept Tracee on Design Star last night because she's "better television" than D Paul was...

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PurpleNepenthe said...

That's the second time Tracee was saved! I know reality TV isn't really supposed to reflect reality, but still. Tracee needs to go. Thanks for your post and link.