Friday, June 20, 2008

Miscellaneous: Heat Happy

B's sister-in-law is crafty too, and has sent away all of her children after high school graduation with quilts. She dutifully sends the squares out and has friends and family decorate them. As crafty as I am, I was on overload with an empty square. Where would I start?

B's mom supplied the solution in iron-on transfer sheets. Yes, I'm aware iron-on has been available for quite some time now. However, I try to limit how many crafts I get involved in. We don't have enough room as it is for my collection of stuff. So anyway the squares turned out pretty good. Now I'm an iron-on hottie.

I made a t-shirt last week and fixed a pair of M's jeans. They turned out cute! What should I iron-on next?

Weight Update...Minus 2 pounds

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