Thursday, June 26, 2008

Books: World of Language

If I were a teacher, artist, and writer, I would someday hope to create books such as those made by Ruth Heller. She has written more than 25 coloring books filled with designs from abstract to tropical fish to ancient Egypt. She's also written a few series children's books - one about nature, another about animal camouflage, and another about the parts of speech. That's right, the parts of speech.

Don't you remember diagraming sentences? If you don't then you're either too old or too young, either way there was some teacher trying to teach you about nouns, adverbs, or prepositions. If you didn't learn them or if you have children of your own, then buy her books. Each one focuses on a part of speech in a colorful, fun, and informative way.

Ruth Heller Books
I have all but one, shown above, and love reading her rhymes and looking at her artwork just as much as A & M.

Book Update...Starting June 12th, 14 books read = 4,641 pages & one in progress. I'm behind!

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