Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Books: Iris Johansen

Iris Johansen is another author who has roots in romance, but branched out to thrillers. I'm not sure which of these two books, The Search or Final Target, I read first, but both were very entertaining during my summer of 102 books. I went on to read No One to Trust later that same summer. But the series didn't stop there, just my access to her books.

She's written twelve total under the title character's name, Eve Duncan. I scrounged up a bag of books from B's mother's garage with the first in the series, The Face of Deception, and was reminded that I had not read a Johansen book in a long time. I very much enjoy her books although many who criticize them complain of the blatant "suspension of disbelief" necessary to read them. A coworker and I were discussing our favorite genres, and she said she couldn't read thrillers because they would scare her too much. I read some of them because they are so unbelievable.

Not that I want to scare you away from them. I really like her books and plan to add the ones I haven't yet read to my summer reading list. Unlike Hooper, Johansen doesn't have to have her main characters fall in love - just sometimes.

Her latest book is Quicksand, which I've read has a little supernatural in it because of a character carry over from another book, Pandora's Daughter. I can't wait to stick my nose in that one!

Her Duncan books:

The Face of Deception (1998) *
The Killing Game (1999)
The Search (2000) *
Final Target (2001)*
Body of Lies (2002)
No One To Trust (2002)*
Dead Aim (2003)
Fatal Tide (2003)
Blind Alley (2004)*
Countdown (2005)
Stalemate (2006)
Quicksand (April 22, 2008)
*Ones I've read

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