Sunday, June 1, 2008


I dare you. Look at your driver's license and swear that your weight listed is your current weight. It is? I don't believe you for a second! Obviously mine does not match, and it isn't because I've lost a lot of weight. I've known for the last few years that I'm 30 pounds over where I want to be, but not until I went to a family gathering yesterday did I acknowledge that my driver's license was out of date weight wise.

For me, June is January, a time of making resolutions. For me, June is March, a time for new beginnings. So June of this year becomes the time of losing that 30 pounds. New studies involving fat cells have given me more confidence that I could reach that goal. Here is one article and here is another explaining that the number of fat cells in our bodies is determined when we hit 20 years of age (approximately). I was a bean pole then, so I could become a redistributed bean pole now. (Because obviously, there's no way to get that body back.)

So there's the goal. I won't be alone. Those other family members were just as disheartened by their imaginary drivers license weights. I'll update the weight loss each 'Me' post. Wish us luck!

PS I'm tickled my quote is so apropos for June! And Happy Dad's Day!

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