Saturday, June 14, 2008

Chocolate: Silk

Both of my parents are lactose intolerant. I have been unable to drink a glass of milk since second grade. I never thought that I was intolerant because my only symptom was tossing my cookies, and it only happened when I drank plain milk. I seem to be able to handle chocolate milk better and have never had much problem with other milk products such as yogurt, cheese and ice cream.

Lately cheese has become a problem. I have this dreaded feeling that at some point I will be as intolerant as my parents. I hope A & M have a better chance than I when they get older. B LOVES milk and has never had a problem with it.

Carton of Chocolate Silk SoymilkI've been longing to try soymilk, but have been afraid that I wouldn't like the taste. It costs the same amount as a gallon of gas, so I didn't want to waste it. In the end I went for it and bought Silk Chocolate Soymilk, and I kinda like it. I have no problem with drinking it. I just have a slight problem with the chocolate taste. It is a little watery with an "empty" taste that is hard to describe. It isn't quite that sweet either. I'm not left with the feeling like I really just had chocolate milk.

Jamba Juice LogoWell, it joined about 4 scoops of ice cream, 1/4 cup peanut butter, a banana, a tablespoon of Ghirardelli chocolate powder, and a dash of vanilla for a really good smoothie. I was sort of copying a chocolate moo'd from one of my favorite places, Jamba Juice. Of course, mine was nothing like theirs but it was good. I'll probably buy Silk again to make more shakes.

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