Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Chocolate: Skittles

I was looking for a candy to fill the teacups I had bought for M's birthday tea. When I spied the (big, 41 oz) bag of Chocolate Mix Skittles, I knew that I'd be able to eat the leftovers. I am apparently behind the times as the chocolate Skittles came out back around September 2007 at the All Candy Expo. I've spent the last week eating them and feel prepared to give an assessment. (Sorry about the fuzzy picture, I was in a hurry.)

Fuzzy picture of SkittlesCybele at Candy Blog does do a pretty thorough job of describing each of the 5 flavors.I was really hoping for a chocolate taste, but that is not what I found. There was really no good chocolate taste in them at all. So I have to think of them as candy and not chocolate.

I'll describe them in order of my preference (which coincidently is also in order from lightest to darkest.

Vanilla (pale, off white) - amazing because this one doesn't even have chocolate in its name. It tasted sweet, sugary and reminded me of vanilla frosting which I can easily eat straight from the can with a spoon.

S'mores (light brown) - tasted a lot like a graham cracker.

Chocolate Caramel (the color of real caramel) - no chocolate taste, but much like a mini Brachs caramel.

Chocolate Pudding (reddish brown in the light) - tastes just like the packaged Jello pudding with just a hint of sitting on the shelf too long.

Brownie Batter (dark, dark brown) - the first bite was like a Tootsie Roll, but then it ends in a nasty after taste.

Sera at Candy Addict had an assessment that matched mine. But now I have a cold, and the Brownie Batter doesn't taste so bad. That's not good is it?

J, B's mother, tried them and she preferred them in this order: Brownie Batter, Chocolate Pudding, Vanilla, Chocolate Caramel, then S'mores (which she did not like at all.) I also found yet another's review (not favorable to Skittles new flavors in general.)

The best part of eating the bag was in mixing them like Jelly Bellies. If I picked two flavors and chewed them together they tasted better. I don't think I'll buy another bag of these, however should someone have some in their possession I won't mind dipping in. Since everyone has varying evaluations, I've come to the conclusion that you'll just have to buy a small bag and try them yourself. Notice I said small.

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