Sunday, April 6, 2008

Miscellaneous: A & M

We were eating at a Kentucky Fried Chicken/A&W franchise sometime last year. There was a jukebox in the room. I was surprised that A & M actually knew what one was. We left the meal to look at the machine. I wanted to see the range of music while they wanted to get a closer look.

Me: Oh, a song from "Grease" is playing next.
A: Ooooh! {face giddy with delight}
Me: You don't even know what "Grease" is. {clearly picturing Travolta with dippity doo}
A: It's a place in Italy...isn't it?

My own little tribute to dooce...

We went to the snow for Easter. Family friends invited us to their cabin. We brought Apples to Apples (Junior, so the kids could join in.) M is pretty good with the adjectives. She's been trying to read Series of Unfortunate Events while her classmates are just trying to get through The Cat in the Hat. Anyhow, we adults wanted to make sure she knew what enormous was. We shouldn't have worried. After several of us named some enormous items she chimed in with:

"A makes eeeeeeenormous poos."

The "e" emphasis is no exaggeration. A sunk low in her chair while B and I turned red with embarrassment.

For those of you on the way to (new) parenthood, behold the knowing smirk.

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