Monday, April 21, 2008

Miscellaneous: Crochet

I like to crochet. A long time ago I acquired a hook and was able to make a single chain. I lost the hook and found it again repeatedly over the years. Last year I got the itch to do more with the needle than enjoy its purple color. I bought three books, one of them Crocheting for Dummies, and taught myself to crochet. I did a bang up job on my samples (a few squares) and first ever project (pic below).

B's grandmother also crocheted. She especially liked the tiny thread that made doilies. I asked B's mother why she never learned from her mother and she just said it seemed so hard. So what does she do? She buys the dummy book, too, and teaches herself. Sometimes she asks me for help with the stitches because I've learned all the lingo for reading the patterns. Sometimes I enjoy how she can start a pattern and modify it on the spot to suit her. Remember, I'm OCD. I follow the pattern.

Anyway, every so often I will share a project or two. Not necessarily related to crocheting. I'm a pretty crafty person. (BTW, the tablecloth underneath was purchased and belongs to B's mother.)

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