Thursday, April 24, 2008

TV: The Biggest Loser

I usually don't watch reality shows. The closest I get is watching American Idol and even with that I cheat by looking on the internet to see who got kicked off. Most people I know watch Survivor, which I could not watch if someone paid me. However, this season I did watch The Biggest Loser. I had was a girl thing. It was truly sweet to see a female, Ali Vincent, win for the first time. And she looks dramatically different.

Ali BeforeAli AfterI'm not overweight, but I could stand to lose about 25 pounds. I've often wondered if they could do a "Mini-Loser." No cash involved, but you get two weeks with the trainers. I would so lose that 25! I know that I could do the same at home, but my friends are busy people and I need a partner to do this kind of thing with. It sucks alone. Nice weather all year round couldn't hurt. And maybe a stationary bike. And one of those exercise balls...

BTW, can we say how excited we are about a new Ugly Betty?

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