Tuesday, April 1, 2008


MS Face StressI hate stress. I should be okay with it by now considering the nature of my job and being a parent, but I'm not. I'm one of those people who can't make lists because my lists get lost, and I end up repeating the necessary things over and over in my head. Each succesive repeat reminds me of how much I have to do and my stress increases.

I relieve my stress in one of three ways: I conk out when I get home, I play Zuma or some other mind numbing game, or I read. I feel lucky that no matter which of the three I engage in that I'm actually able to do it. My kids, while stress-filling, are so wonderfully independent at times. I do know when I have to take drastic measures to relax. The muscles around my eyes start to twitch. I had a twitch for a month and half this year, which is rare. They usually only last about a week. That tells you something about my year. What do you do to relieve stress?

And don't tell me yoga, because I don't want to feel even more stressed that your relaxing activity also helps you lose weight - and mine doesn't.

PS I'm letting you know that I've cheated. This post was supposed to be up on April Fool's Day and it's not. April Fools!

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andria said...

Yes, yoga! It's amazing!! Or swimming. But, if you don't like it, then that would be more aggravating to do then helpful:)

I think a list is the answer to your stress. You are right, you just have to keep it in one place. Like your laptop and print it out many times a day as you change it. So many highly productive people recommend this for high efficiency. Then it's out of your mind and you can just do it! I hate to say it, but it works. It just takes time to do, which you will earn back later. Good luck and only a few weeks left!