Monday, March 10, 2008

TV: Weekend Movies

The weekend comes and I sit, trying to forget the work week, in front of the television. Inevitably I'm watching a movie that I've seen a thousand times, but have no problem watching again. Because no matter what I can still get the same thrill out of the movie as I did the first time through. Even if the network cuts out the foul language.

Do you ever do the same? What movies do you watch? Mine are: Die Hard, Terminator 2, The Fifth Element, The Chronicles of Riddick, and any of the three Matrix movies. Yes, I do have some of these on DVD, but there seems to be a special thrill in having the movie just appear on the TV. Like I've willed it to happen :o)

B will always groan when he sees what I'm watching and he's stopped saying, "Didn't you just watch that movie?" But, he can't seem to shame me into turning the channel.

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