Saturday, March 1, 2008

Chocolate: What a Waste!

I love chocolate! Sorry, I'm sure you know this already. I consider myself a chocoholic, and while I know a lot about chocolate from books, cookbooks, television, and the net, I don't know everything. What I do know is that it is a travesty to see it wasted.

It hurts to watch commercials in which the chocolate can be seen swirling and dripping - where does it go when the commercial is over? Don't tell me! I want to mourn. Here is an article about a contest for chefs to create wearable chocolate. Fun! Cute! NOT! Once again my beloved chocolate is wasted. (I just know you don't eat that chocolate.) I found this video on YouTube. I understand its significance, but please tell me it was eaten and not tossed!

At the very least someone needs to tell me the chocolate was inedible. It is usually the highlight - the fact that it can be eaten - so I'm sure no one will tell me that. I'm so sorry for the little rant. Even watching someone wash the chocolate off a chocolate fountain is painful. Oh, and this isn't a plea for chocolate, although if you want to send me some to help soothe my pain...

Note: I write my posts ahead of time...hectic life, ya know. Anyway, B sent me a link to a Ferrari made from chocolate. I was pleased to hear they planned to eat it!

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