Sunday, March 16, 2008

Chocolate: Shirts

"Hand over the chocolate and nobody gets hurt!"

It's a popular saying on chocolate paraphrenalia everywhere. I have a few favorite chocolate shirts. One has a row of colorful peanut M&M's, another says "got chocolate" and the last, which sadly is peeling and now unwearable, is one with the chemical symbol of theobromine on it. I haven't yet put a replacement on my Want List, but I should soon.

So I went on a search for some more chocolate shirts and found this site with pages of chocolate clothing, buttons, and bumper stickers. The sayings make me chuckle and I've found some more things to add to my list. As you flip through the pages the sayings get a little more risque and include some swear words so after the first few pages make sure the young ones aren't looking over your shoulder.

Being the crafty person that I am, I could take some of the great sayings with my own backgrounds and use an iron on transfer...

Viva la chocolate!

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