Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Books: Field Guide to Stains

Stains. The bane of the new silk blouse and interview tie. I found this book a while ago that gives hints about how to remove them, Field Guide to Stains. There are other uses for lemon juice and vinegar than cooking. Maybe you know some of these little helpful hints, but I am not so domestic and thus oblivious.

If you read the beginning of the book it focuses on not knowing where the stain comes from. I always see the stain. It is usually some horribly dark color like red kool-aid or grape juice and I'm wearing white. I'm also not so good with memory as I always forget to treat the stain, like all those domestic goddesses, as soon as I step into the house. In the end, I set the stain by putting the unfortunate item in the dryer.

So I stained a white shirt with spaghetti sauce, followed the removal procedure, and no more stain! It worked with a couple of other stains even after the dryer gets them, and with this blog I can now share the joy!

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