Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Books: _ _ _ _ for Women

I know, I know, you're thinking, "What's up with that book title?" I just wanted to give you a chance to turn back if you thought this post might be too risque. Maybe you're at work or something. Maybe you don't want anyone reading the title over your shoulder - as both A and M are quite fond of doing. Whatever the reason, just be sure you are in a safe environment.

This book is one I spied while perusing someone else's blog. I would love to post the link to her blog, I love what she posts, but she is more controversial than I am. I loved the book and seriously want it and its partner book on my Want List pronto. {Okay, you've had sufficient warning...} The book is called P*rn for Women. I KNOW! But really you have to see the book to find out how harmless the book really is. That asterisk was for the search engines. No need to get anyone riled up.

Here's the book description and a picture so you get the idea.
Prepare to enter a fantasy world. A world where clothes get folded just so, delicious dinners await, and flatulence is just not that funny. Give the fairer sex what they really want beautiful PG photos of hunky men cooking, listening, asking for directions, accompanied by steamy captions: "I love a clean house!" or "As long as I have two legs to walk on, you'll never take out the trash." Now this is p*rn that will leave women begging for more!

Just in case you can't read what it says..."As soon as I finish the laundry, I'll go grocery shopping and I'll take the kids with me so you can relax." This is accompanied by a picture of a nice looking hunk. Yummy! There's one for new moms, too! The Amazon links have that word plastered all over them. Just do a quick search and you'll be rewarded with the pics I didn't download.

I'm already in heaps of trouble for this!

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