Friday, February 15, 2008

Chocolate: Denali

I know you won't believe it, but I used to hate chocolate ice cream. For someone who claims to be a chocoholic, it seems unreal. At the time I felt that ice cream just didn't have that real chocolate taste and to this day I won't eat plain chocolate ice cream. However, I will indulge in "loaded" ice cream, ice cream filled with extras.

It started with rocky road which contains nuts and marshmallows, two of my favorite chocolate companions. Sticking with tried and true, I went with some "loaded" ice cream with brands like Dreyers, Godiva, and Ben & Jerry's. Much, much later B brought home some Denali's ice cream. B, who always sees the benefit in buying in bulk, filled our freezer with Moose Tracks and Motherlode. Forget all the Godiva that was purchased before, Denali's was beyond awesome.

Besides the rich tasting chocolate part of the ice cream and the fact that these ice creams were "loaded" with things like peanut butter cups and toffee nuggets, the caramel (yes, you read right) was simply lip smacking! I have since gone on to the other flavors like Extreme Moose Tracks, Bear Claw, and Bear Foot Brownie (vanilla with chunks of brownie.)

Just yum! Think I'll indulge right about now.

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