Monday, February 18, 2008

Men: Vin Diesel

Vin Diesel

Name: Vin Diesel (Mark Sinclair Vincent)
Best Known For: Movies The Fast & the Furious, Triple X, and The Chronicles of Riddick series
Year of Birth: 1967
Status: Single
Height: 6’1.5”
Fun Fact: He’s a Dungeons and Dragons player.

Man, oh man. I really mean man. This one is all hunk of male. Sometimes I like the serious brooding look rather than “pretty boy.” Vin does that well, and he has this distinctive voice that sends chills down my spine.
Vin Diesel
The Bod

Vin does an awesome job playing the muscle bound hero (rather, reluctant hero) in the Riddick movies…You know what? I really don’t have much to say. Let’s all just take a moment to drink in the physique, and I think that will do.


*UPDATE* June 5, 2008
Vin had a baby girl in April with his girlfriend, Paloma Jimenez, who is a model (of course!) While I'm happy for him, he was one of the few (technically) single guys...let's have a moment of silence please.

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