Saturday, February 9, 2008

TV: Commercials

I hate 'em. I know most of you feel the same way. There's nothing like raising the volume of your favorite show in order to hear what the characters are saying during that heavy dramatic moment, only to be jolted out of your chair by the volume of one of the stupidest commercials after the moment is over.

My favorite thing is saving the show and skipping through the commercials. You should see me when, after watching most of my shows through DVR, I'm watching a show in real time and nearly damage my finger trying to make the remote fast forward. It's like eating a hollow bunny you thought was solid. UGH! have to admit sometimes a commercial can make you laugh, like the Comcast Digital Voice commercial... "Sorry Roger you tiger." I've even seen some I thought were quite cute, like the thumping Yaris commercials. And Honda's Cog commercial was so cool! Lest you think I'm falling into their trap (seriously thinking about their product and wanting to buy it) I have to tell you I had to look up the product names in order to tell you about them.

I'd rather watch the funny ones online than have horrible ones every five minutes in my tv shows. That Dolby Software mentioned in the article I linked to "the volume" above sounds really good. Until then, (sigh) I will record and skip forward.

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